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 ISA Tests

The next ISA test day will be held on: TBA

Saturday, 27th June 2015 12.15PM.

All completed Test Application Forms together with the appropriate fee must be placed in the ACTISA rink mailbox by: Monday 8th June 2015
(All applications are processed on a first come basis, and dependent on Judges' availability so please get applications in as soon as possible)

Notice and application now available below.

(All applications are processed on a first come basis, and dependent on Judges' availability so please get applications in as soon as possible)

Please note: forms must be signed by each relevant coach and, if applicable, a Proof of Age Form completed and bought along on the test day with associated documents.

Bethany Jory
ISA Test Convener

Important Information:

ISA Test Application Form Word icon
Application for Proof of Age Application Instructionsm word icon (Word 78KB)
Application for Proof of Age Registration form word icon (Word 96KB)
Contact the ISA Test Convenor

Information about ISA tests

ISA tests are conducted several times a year when there are enough tests applications, and when Judges and ice time are available. Skaters should have their coaches permission to apply for a test. To apply for a test place the completed test application form along with the correct fee into the ACTISA mailbox near the entry to the rink.

Please note: To avoid any confusion, coaches (not parents/skaters) should liaise directly with the ACTISA Test Convener (ISA) to book tests. Please give as much notice as possible to facilitate booking the ice time required.

If this is your first ISA test

A skater applying for a Preliminary test must also submit a proof of age registration form. Two committee members must sign the form to say they have sighted the skater's birth certificate. Refer to the Contact ACTISA page for a list of committee members. The form must be placed in the ACTISA mail box with the test application form.

ISA Test Results 11th April 2015:

Test undertaken


Elementary Dance

Christopher Fladun-Dorling

Elementary Dance

Alexandra Fladun-Dorling

Pre-Primary Solo Dance

Elliott Murphy

Pre-Primary Solo Dance

Harry Harper

Novice Dance -
Rocker Foxtrot & Cha Cha Congelado

Brianna Steggall


Laura Temple

Elementary patterns

Bianca Armstrong


Ben Meeuwissen


Anastasia Bradshaw


Eleanore Willis


Georgia Tongs


Elliott Murphy

Primary Patterns

Anastasia Bradshaw

Novice Patterns

Harry Harper


Kody-Leigh Hirst


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